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  1. Read your post on how to build and install a Cantilever Sliding Gate. Absolutely loved it. You are one very clever man having not ever done it before.

  2. Where did you buy the controller and hardware? I know I can get the material at the local store but I don’t know where to get the controller and or hardware, thanks.

  3. Morning, Beautiful gate job!! We want to install a home made project gate and like your design. Is it possible you could forward us some additional jpegs of the supporting posts/brackets? Want to get a handle on the design. Any pics appreciated. Mike

  4. Dear Xueming Yu,

    I am having an issue with dspic33ep512MU810 Flash row programming. I can read from memory any place and erase the page entirely. I tested this in MPLABX simulator.

    After scratching my head i try to contact you here. I tried the sequence as per datasheet, Flash reference manual and your web site. I don’t know where I am going wrong. I can’t view any memory written in simulator.

    Here is a code snippet that I made hope you find the place where i went wrong.

    calling of the below function is like this FM_Single_Row_Prog (0x02, 0x2000, &buffer[0]);

    FM_Single_Row_Prog (unsigned int TablePage, unsigned int offset, unsigned char *data)
    * w0 = TablePage
    * w1 = offset
    * w2 = data
    asm (“push SR”);
    asm (“push TBLPAG”);
    asm(“mov w2,W8”); // save address of buffer

    // Load the program memory write latches

    // Load the NVMADR register with the starting
    NVMADRU = TablePage;
    NVMADR = offset;

    // Setup NVMCON to write row of program memory

    //Block all interrupt till write is complete
    asm(“mov#0x00E0, W0”);
    asm (“ior SR”);
    // sequence

    asm(“mov #0x55,W0”);
    asm(“mov W0, NVMKEY”);
    asm(“mov #0xAA,W0”);
    asm(“mov W0,NVMKEY”);
    // Start erase operation
    asm(“bset NVMCON,#15”);
    // Insert two NOPs after the erase cycle (required)

    asm(“btsc NVMCON, #15”);
    asm(“bra wait”);

    asm (“pop SR”);
    asm (“pop TBLPAG”);

    void WriteLatches(void)
    TBLPAG = 0xFA; // address of latch is 0xFA
    asm(“mov #0x00,W7”); // Lower 16-bit of Write Latches starts from 0
    asm(“MOV #128,W3”);

    asm(“TBLWTH.b [W8++], [W7]”); // w8 is the buffer
    asm(“TBLWTL.b [W8++], [W7++]”);
    asm(“TBLWTL.b [W8++], [W7++]”);
    asm(“DEC W3, W3”);
    asm(“BRA NZ, loop”);

      1. Dear Sir, I have already read this article.I think it is too difficult to find the same connector or its model no.

  5. Hello XueMing,

    I want a cantilever gate like the one you built but I don’t think it’s a project that I can do by myself. I asked my handyman and had four professional gate companies come to my house to give estimates, but nobody is capable of building this gate for me. Do you have any recommendations for a professional in Florida or do you contract out your services?

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m afraid I couldn’t help you as I’m on the other side of the country. It surprised me those professional gate companies couldn’t do it. I see contractors post their video about building cantilever gates all the time.

  6. I am a contractor and I wanted to build a gate and you have made this so helpful. The stuff you have done is so clever and smart. Very nicely done and this helped me out because I was kind of trying to think of a way to build it and I am going to try to follow your guide.

  7. Dear XueMing,

    I have read and follow your instruction on extending the camera cable. I tried it on Samsung Gear 360 camera module. I design the small adapter circuit like you said and 1uF, 0201 capacitors are used for bypassing all lines. My extend cable is custom made , 17cm long and 0.1mm width power and signal lines (which is small).
    I tried it many time but still got failure. The camera modules got killed by after 5 times plugging in. I have checked for all shortage connection before that but it still got killed. Does that cable size suitable? Is there any special consideration for this kind of camera?

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed that you mentioned you bypassed all(!) the lines, including the signal lines? If so, this is definitely going to cause communication issues. You should only bypass the power lines. I don’t know the specs of its camera module, but the first thing I would suggest you doing is to find out its pin-out. Good luck!

      1. Dear XueMing,

        Thank you very much for your wise advice.
        You are right! I removed all other capacitors except the ones on power lines. The camera is “working” now. I mean the system is capturing images with no crash. However, the result image is all black.
        To be more specific. They are dual camera, the result image is one picture with 2 frame from 2 camera. I extend the camera on the right, the result image now like the left-half is normal, right-half is black. I’m not sure if I found all power lines. Do you have any trick to realize them? The battery source is 3.8V, I found an 2.7V power line on the camera.

        Best regards,

      2. Hi XueMing! I love Your Retracting Remote control Drive way Gate! It’s a Masterpiece! I had one question about weather or not you could add a bogie guide wheel and spring to the bottom of the gate to absorb some of the weight on the far ends of the gate. It just seems like so much weight is being held without any support on each end of the gate, Would it not add some benefit to have these type of support wheels in place?

        1. Thanks Dave for your comment! Yes, I think adding some sort of guide wheels or support on the far end will definitely help! However, it holds up very well after almost 5 years of daily operation.

  8. Hi I am looking for someone who can extend a camera out of, say a i-phone 8 or Samsung S9 or equivalent, to be used as hidden cameras for a TV show. The phone would need to be new enough to have OIS as this is important for the body worn aspect of the show.
    Is there anyone in the UK that can do this that you know?
    Thank you for your help

  9. Do you have more specific details about the layout for putting the post in the ground Etc distance apart span specifications drawings or anything?

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