High speed digital camera — Lupa3000 image sensors arrived!

3 pieces of the Lupa3000 (ON Semiconductor product: NOIL1SE3000A) 3.0MP 485fps high speed image sensors actually arrived a while ago. I have been too lazy to post it online. Since the project has been smoothly progressed, it’s high time I released something here! Check out the photos below to see the box-opening.

The Lupa3000 sensor is probably the best sensor available to the public. Other high-end sensors such as the ones installed in Phantom, RED, Sony or Canon are unfortunately only for their own internal use. The Lupa3000 has a global shutter, running at maximum 485fps, delivering data at incredible 13.3Gbs! Its resolution is a little bit of shame at 1696×1710 with 8-bit dynamic range in each color channel. But it is already more than enough for my computer-vision application. Its competitors are probably the CMOSIS 2k x 2k (CMV4000) or 2k x 1k (CMV2000) sensors.

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  1. hi, I’m a student and my project is to use this sensor, read the images from the sensor and …
    so I wanted to ask, do I have to design the PCB which the sensor is mounted on?
    thanks in advance !

    1. Yes, you will have to design the PCB to mount the chip. OnSemi used to sell a demo kit for this specific sensor, but unfortunately they discontinued that product.

  2. Hi XueMing,
    We are a group of engineering students that are on a project. One of our responsibilities is to design a PCB for the camera ov13850 which is a 13.8MPixel image sensor. However, we are very new to this subject and we have lots of questions like how did you decide on the capacitor values to use. So if you are interested in helping or advising any source please answer us!
    Thank you!

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